Monday, February 11, 2013

Packing 101

I have always encouraged my kids to pack their own suitcases. I believe it fosters independence for little travelers, and gives them some ownership over the trip. As I packed my suitcases last-minute for the Champion Summit in DC, my kids buzzed around the home, too, gathering, folding and packing. 
At age 11, my son can pack his own suitcase. I did a quick check of his suitcase, and he had remembered everything, including all the components of a suit. 

I packed my daughter's essentials (clothing, toiletries, etc.) inside my suitcase, but she was in charge of packing her bumble bee carry-on. 

Chiara did sneak a penguin and a pirate ship into my suitcase.  

She packed all her essentials, all on her own: some intellectual books (Highlights, The Bones Book of Skeletons) balanced with some fun reads (Cinderella, Baby Animals), crayons, coloring books, wooden letter figurines. She packed both her favorite stuffed frog and of course, a tiara. And she's right: you just never know when a social occasion might call for a tiara on your travels!

I love traveling with my kids. There are so many places I want to take them to before they fly the coop and begin exploring on their own. 

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