Tuesday, February 19, 2013

#makesmesmilemondays Clotilde Arias - Not Lost in Translation

I would love to spend a few days - or even weeks - exploring the museums of the Smithsonian. We squeezed in a visit to the American History Museum when I was in DC last week, where I was lucky to catch a small, temporary exhibit: Not Lost in Translation: The Life of Clotilde Arias.

I had never even heard of Clotilde Arias, but through the exhibit I learned that she immigrated from Peru to NYC at age 23 and was a composer, musician, journalist, activist and educator. And she did it all while raising her son as a single mom. Here in the US she is best know for being commissioned by the US Department of State to translate our national anthem into Spanish.
Clotilde Arias and her son, Rogelio
After her death, her son Rogelio, age 82,  shared some words of wisdom that his mother passed on to him before she died:

"A dendequiera que vayas o lo que sea que hagas, siempre deja ese lugar 
un poco mejor de como lo hayas encontrado." 

(Wherever you go and whatever you do, always leave the place a little better than how you found it.")
Learn more about the life of Clotilde Arias here.

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