Monday, January 7, 2013

#makemesmilemondays A Delightful, Much-Needed Date with My Girlfriends

Do you remember the last time you whiled away an entire day with your girlfriends? Without your kids in tow?

Honestly, before Saturday I would have been hard-pressed to remember the last time I spent an entire day hanging out with my pals without a kid or two or three  bumbling around beside us. But on Saturday, there was reason to celebrate: We held a "sprinkle" - not a full-blown shower because this is her third baby - but rather, a light rain shower, a.k.a. a sprinkle, for Melissa.

We started out with mani/pedis over mimosas and cucumber sandwiches, and moved on to lunch at a new-to-me Irish gastropub in Andersonville - Lady Gregory. With its warm, wood paneling, its cozy fireplace and library, we watched the snow fall outside the window and chatted the afternoon away over tea and then a perfect-for-winter lunch: potpies and sandwich melts, then a giant apple crumble with five spoons for sharing.
Lady Gregory's in Andersonville
It is so refreshing - catching up with girlfriends, isn't it? We all agreed that we'd make it a quarterly date, at least.

I am so thankful for my friends, near and far, and I find myself both craving and appreciating wholeheartedly their company as time goes by.

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