Monday, December 31, 2012

#makesmesmilemondays A Christmas Surprise

One evening, a couple of days before Christmas, my son heard some rustling at our front door and saw a young woman placing a package on our steps. "Who is it, Mom?" he asked, peeping through the blinds. It was one of my students from long ago! "Go ahead, open the door and welcome her in!"

Most of the time, the last time I see my students is when they are in their cap and gown and on their merry way to living life. I wonder sometimes what they've made of their lives, if they remember a thing or two that I taught them, if they are following their dreams.

It was such a treat to see V****, now a confident young woman fighting in every way she can to pursue her higher education. She brought me coffee beans, a lovely peppermint candle, and a sweet little ornament of an owl sitting atop and apple. But best of all was the little card with her handwritten message.

Thank you, V****, for reminding me why I so appreciate being a teacher.

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