Monday, December 3, 2012

#makesmesmilemonday Holiday Sunday Funday

Yesterday, we went to the Clubhouse in OakBrook for brunch with Santa. 

Chiara and Daniel both sat on Santa's lap.

Daniel asked for a helicopter. Chiara requested.... a snake. 

This is the third or fourth time that Chiara has asked me for a pet snake. I think this year, Santa is going to stick with a fake snake. But if she still asks for one next year, maybe he'll give her a little garter snake. Thankfully, Daniel wants a remote control helicopter and not a real one. 

Then we went to pick out our Christmas tree. I told the kids we would bring home the biggest (real!) tree in the lot, and sure enough, we did. It's over ten feet tall! 

Here is Chiara giving her beautiful Christmas tree a hug:

 While unpacking the Christmas decorations, the kids came across the tin filled with cookie cutters, so of course a big batch of sugar cookies had to be made ASAP. 

 And as always, Chiara went totally nuts with the sprinkles. 

I feel so blessed to have a chance to glimpse the magic of Christmas through the eyes of my children. Childhood is so precious and fleeting - and the joy that these two little kids bring into my life is by far the biggest and best gift that I've ever received. 

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