Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Holiday Fun with Build-a-Bear at Chicago's Navy Pier

Last week, the kids were treated to a special afternoon at Build-a-Bear's Navy Pier location.

We have passed by this store time and time again on our visits to Navy Pier, but never ventured inside. But when we saw Build-a-Bear's latest holiday collection of adorable stuffies, we decided to pay a visit.

Chiara decided to make her very own Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer, while Daniel opted for a Grinch. Sandy, the bubbly store manager, handed the kids their empty stuffies, and expertly showed us how to fill them with fluff.
Chiara was amazed by the fluff machine
 There was a huge selection of affordable stuffies to be made.

The next step was the heart ceremony. Both the kids had to make a little promise to take good care of their new friends, and each gave a kiss to the little heart that would be placed inside their stuffies before they were stitched up. The stuffies are also given a microchip, so that if they are ever lost and found, they can be returned to any Build-a-Bear location where they'll be reunited with an owner. Over 5,000 beloved stuffies have been returned to owners since Build-a-Bear began microchipping!
The heart ceremony
Next the kids gave their new friends a nice bath with a good scrubbin'. Chiara really had fun with this! And her awesome big brother had fun alongside her, too.

Next the kids finished off their new pals' birth certificates. They were also registered for Bearville.com - Build-a-Bear's safe, fun website where you can interact with your stuffies.

There were a ton of accessories to choose from!
And here are our cheery Build-a-Bear style Grinch and Rudolph (pictured with his BFF, Clarice). Rudolph of course lights the way with his glowing nose, and the Grinch's little heart lights up three sizes larger as his holiday spirit grows!

This was a great holiday activity that the kids and I really enjoyed taking part in together. You can you pop in to make your own stuffy or bring a few pals and host your next birthday party at the store. Our new friends have become a fun part of our holiday decor this year, and our trip to Build-a-Bear created a fun holiday memory!

Disclosure: Special thanks to Build-a-Bear for gifting us with two adorable stuffies. I was not asked to write this review;all opinions are my own!

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  1. Cute. I got the Rudolph in November.