Monday, November 5, 2012

#makesmesmilemonday Easy Thanksgiving Craft for the Preschool Set

My daughter and I love to bake together. As soon as I pull out a mixing bowl, she's pulling up a chair right beside me to "help". She especially loves rolling out dough. We make a lot of homemade pizza and pasta in our home and Chiara is always right beside me, with a little ball of dough, her two tiny hands gripped tightly to her rolling pin. I think cooking is right up there in the top three things that my daughter loves to do, alongside dancing and painting. 

We were inspired to make this little Thanksgiving craft after our annual visit to the Graue Mill: every year, in the late fall, we head to this historic mill in Oak Brook, Illinois, where we stock up on traditionally coarse ground cornmeal for a winter's worth of polenta. There are wonderful interactive exhibits in the museum, and this year, Chiara couldn't get enough of the little center where she could make pretend pies with pom-pom "blueberries" and "cherries". 

And so my mother bought a bunch of "cherries" - a.k.a. felted pom-poms from Joann Fabrics, and a square of brown felt from which she cut out the pie crusts. And since she received her very own pie kit, Chiara has been "baking" pie after pie after pie. She cooks up the cherries on her little oven range, she divides the cherries up in a muffin tin, she counts the cherries, she washed the cherries (...), she rolls out the crust, she makes cherry pies again and again, for everyone in our family, including the dog. These cherries have provided endless hours of entertainment for my little girl! I guarantee that your preschooler will love this craft, too - just be prepared to find lots of cherries around your home for the next few weeks....

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  2. Hi. Visiting from Pinterest. I love your pie idea! I could see my daughter really enjoying this "game." If you have some spare time, stop by my blog ( to read about my crafting/preschool adventures with 3 toddlers under 4.