Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Flashback: My Summer as a Coppertone Mom

This past summer, I was an official Coppertone Mom! This was fitting because I happily spent so many days under the sun this summer with my kids. 

I was a teen that coated her fair skin in SPF-free suntan oil and sprayed Sun-In in her hair and baked in the sun for hours, until I was sprinkled with freckles. I love the sun! But now I know better and you'll always find me with my hat, sunglasses, and sunscreen. Even in the winter, I apply sunscreen every day to my face. 

I won't go out under the sun without a hat,
sunglasses and sunscreen. 

My son was a Junior Lifeguard at the beach this summer, and he went through Coppertone Sport SPF 50 like water...

While my super-fair skinned daughter needed her Coppertone Baby products to keep her safe and sunburn-free.

My Coppertone Girl

It was a wonderful summer and I am thankful to Coppertone for sponsoring my posts and sending along all sorts of little goodies - especially the sunscreen samples that I was able to share with family and friends and even strangers that forgot to bring along sunscreen at the beach and the pool!

It was a delight being the unofficial sunscreen fairy. 

Until next year....thanks, Coppertone!

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