Monday, October 29, 2012

#makesmesmilemonday Halloween Weekend!

This entire weekend was filled with Halloween fun. 

On Friday evening, Chiara dressed up in her Halloween costume and we headed to the Halloween party at her preschool. She chose to dress as Supergirl - and I can't think of a more fitting costume for her personality. She's sassy and strong - and she is ready to take on the world!
Then we went to see Harold and the Purple Crayon at the Chicago Children's Theatre. Chiara giggled, laughed out loud and danced to every musical number - she was just delighted by this show! It you have a theatre-loving kid ages 2-5 - Harold and the Purple Crayon is an absolute don't miss!

Chiara enjoyed drawing with purple chalk in the lobby beforehand. 

My son and I spent Saturday morning with the spirits at Graceland Cemetery. The sky was overcast, with the sun peeking out every few minutes, creating a spooky yet peaceful atmosphere. 

This cemetery - on the National Historic Register - is one of the most beautiful I've ever visited. On our 2-hour tour with the Chicago History Museum, we learned so much history and lore - it was a treat for a history buff like me - and my son enjoyed it, too. He even stumbled across a gold Canadian dollar! I told him that a ghost must have put it in his pathway....

We capped off our Halloween weekend on Sunday night with our annual Haunted House Party: We had dinner with our pals at home, then headed to a Haunted House. This year we hit the haunted shipwreck that landed on Lake Michigan - the 13 Terrors on the Lake. As always, I the kids were scared out of their wits, but progress was made this year: most kids made it through without their eyes closed the entire time!

Have a happy, happy Halloween!

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