Tuesday, September 11, 2012

On strike!

I skipped my usual #makesmesmilemondays post because I was *not* smiling when I woke up on Monday morning. I am a writer, a blogger, a mom, and....a Chicago Public Schools teacher. And yes, we are on strike

I can tell you that no teacher hoped that it would come down to this. I had a wonderful first week with my students, I am so psyched about teaching an AP class this year, and then I had to unplug everything and hit the streets picketing. I would much rather be in the classroom teaching, where I belong. 

That said, when you have to stand up for your rights and beliefs, you've got to stand up and make your voice heard loud and clear. That's what we're doing, and the protests have been peaceful and there has been tons of support in the form of wearing red in solidarity and beeping horns and even students and parents joining us on the front lines. This morning, my 2-year-old asked me, "Are you going picketing today, mama?" and I realized she's one of the few toddlers that might have an inkling as to what that means exactly. Tomorrow my kids will be picketing alongside me. 

All of our fingers are crossed for a quick and fair resolution. 
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