Monday, September 17, 2012

#makesmesmilemondays The British History Podcast

I had the pleasure of soaking up everything British when I lived in London for two years, over ten years ago. My son was born in London: I remember looking out my maternity ward window at the University College Hospital and thinking that I just might spot Sherlock Holmes passing by, smoking his pipe, under a lamplight, on that typically foggy night. I am fascinated by British history, and spent many hours wandering the streets of London either pregnant or with my newborn son in tow. So I was absolutely delighted to wander upon the British History Podcast: This chronological series tells the story of Britain in bright, funny, and down-to-earth capsules. I just recently caught up on the Feasting Series, and yesterday I listened with all ears to the What Not to Wear: The Dark Ages episode.

Strolling through Hyde Park with baby Daniel
Whether you're a casual or serious history buff, you won't want to miss The British History Podcast, hosted by Jamie Jeffers. 

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