Monday, September 24, 2012

#makesmesmilemonday Happy birthday, Chiara!

Today my little girl turns three! On Saturday, we celebrated!

Bright, happy, beautiful Chiara
When I asked Chiara what kind of birthday party she'd like to have (a dolly party, a sporty party, a princess party, a bug party...) she came up with the idea of having a "crafty" party. My girl loves all things "crafty" - from painting to coloring to play-dough-ing - she is one creative gal. So our family gathered to celebrate Chiara by doing what she loves best: spending time with family, painting woodland creature figurines, sculpting playdough, and making foam cut puppies and kittens. And my little fashionista started the evening out wearing her fave Tom and Jerry t-shirt, later changing into a double tutu ensemble of her creation.

Chiara adores doing "crafties", especially with her older cousin, Ashley. 
Even the boy cousins and big bro got into the whole crafty thing. Evidently,
you are never too old or too cool to paint woodland creatures. 
Holding on to my kids with hugs and love, for dear life, forever!  

3 candles on the cupcakes!

She's smart, spunky and sweet - and she's now three!

Happy birthday to my dear daughter! 

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