Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Goodbye, Summer 2012...

Summer 2012...

We kayaked 10 miles down a river.

Daniel learned how to ride and care for a horse.

Daniel milked a cow and Chiara gave a calf a baby bottle.

We went camping. Three times! I will always cherish the memory of Chiara waking up and just quietly staring at the trees from her little tent window, her excitement jumping on a kayak for the first time, and the all-out enthusiasm she expressed about camping (i.e. waking me up about 100 times this summer telling me she was ready to go camping! - even if we weren't going camping that day!). And it was such a gift to see my son bonding with his pals over campfires, jumping off the floating pier 100's of times each day, learning the ropes of fire-building and camp set-up.

Daniel trained as a lifeguard on North Avenue Beach while Chiara honed her sandcastle building skills.

We flew on a tiny plane to Mackinac Island, where we donned our dressy duds and lived it up at the Grand Hotel.

We biked around the entire Mackinac Island.

We helped welcome a baby.

We spent a lot of time with cherished good friends and family.

We played at the park, at the pool, and took many bicycle rides.

Daniel went tubing, Chiara rode her first rollercoaster.

So many firsts for the kids, especially Chiara, I can't even count them all.

I'm thankful, as always, for the chance to watch my kids grow, learn and soak up summertime.
Eating ice cream in a yellow-polka-dot bikini = the good life
Chiara, Labor Day 2012

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