Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Joe's Barbershop in Logan Square

Thank God for our corner barbershop! It has a cool retro vibe and is apparently the only barbershop in the city that seem to "get" my son's style. This is a good thing also because I don't always get my son's sense of style: He likes for his hair to be short on the sides and tall on top, slicked back with pomade, a la Elvis in the 1950's. 

Joe's Barbershop offers traditional and vintage cuts and hot lather straight razor shaves (not needing those yet, thankfully). It's a family run business and well, it's quite simply a classic. 

Here is Daniel modeling his latest haircut by Chuck the Barber.

Joe's Barbershop - Check it out! - at 2641 West Fullerton in Chicago.
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