Thursday, August 16, 2012

Italian for Kids @ Insieme a Chicago

This summer, Chiara participated in a wonderful Italian language program right here in Chicago. Every Monday, she was ecstatic to hop on over to her "scuola", where she could sing, dance and play; I'm not sure that the fact that she was singing, dancing and playing in Italian even phased her, but I am certain that her fun mornings with her wonderful teacher have strengthened her language and social skills. Whether you speak Italian at home or not, why not consider giving your child the gift of the beautiful Italian language?

I'm happy to share Insieme a Chicago's fall schedule!

Fall 2012 Class Schedule
8­‐week season: September 10th­‐October 29th
Il Nido (1‐3 years old)
Il Volo (3­‐5 years old)
Monday 9.30­‐10.30am
Monday 10.45am‐12.15pm
Monday 4.30­‐5.30pm

3759 N. Ravenswood Ave, Suite 119, Chicago 60613
Insieme a Chicago Tui:on-­‐8 weeks:
Il Nido: $160 (60 min class) Il Volo: $240 (90 min class) 10% sibling discount
Registration begins August 9th To register contact Barbara at:

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