Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Biking to Work

It's back to school and back to work time for me (I'm a teacher! and a writer! and a mom!) - and I've been taking advantage of the nice weather and biking to work once again.

I consider myself so lucky to be able to bike to work: It's only a little over 3.5 miles each way. It takes me the same amount of time to bike as it does to drive to work - on my bike I can take shortcuts and avoid traffic. I save money on gas. I combine my daily workout with my commute which is a win/win in my book. I feel 100 times better starting my day with a workout. And best of all, biking is a peaceful mode of transport for me.
We love our Topeak toddler bicycle seat!
I have a little bicycle seat for my two-year-old daughter, so she rides along with me - I drop her off at daycare or preschool along the way - and she just loves riding to daycare/preschool by bike. We talk and sing and watch the city wake up before our eyes.

Yet another thing I am thankful for is the route that we take: we ride around Logan Square, along the historic boulevard, then down Milwaukee Avenue, one of the most diverse, scenic and bustling streets in the city.
Taking a break from biking with the kids at the monument in Logan Square

I'm going to try to bike to work every day - barring rainy days (I don't want to risk slipping with my daughter in tow). This morning I explained to her that pretty soon God would be painting the trees, and I look forward to seeing the seasons unfold before our eyes.

Biking through Humboldt Park

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