Monday, July 9, 2012

#makesmesmilemondays Beauty and the Beast; God Himself Visits Our Church

Friday I took Chiara and her friend to see Beauty and the Beast, on stage at the Chicago Shakespeare Theatre on Navy Pier. What a delightful show! The Beast was just slightly scary enough, and Gaston was a riot. The lesson to be learned: Give a smart girl a library full of books, and you'll win her over for sure. I did remind the girls that women should not be held responsible for bringing out the beauty in the beast. That most certainly flew over their heads. In fact, the following day, Chiara put her fake green garden snake in my teapot and brought it to me, asking if I knew how to turn it into a prince...

Sunday was topsy turvy day. My son went to a waterpark with a friend, and Chiara was busy with her Dad, so I sneaked out and brought Chiara's little friend, who is visiting all the way from China (!), to church with me. As we entered our beautiful church, she smiled sweetly and asked, "Is God going to be here today?" and I tried my best to explain how God is everywhere. That, too, may have flown over her head. Later, when the priest came, in his long robe, leading the procession to the altar, she exclaimed excitedly, "God is here!!!"

Ah, to be child, and still believe in frog princes and a God that visits church with a big white beard and robe! 
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