Monday, July 16, 2012

#makesmesmilemondays Humboldt Park, Lighting the Wishes Lantern, Pensive Boy

Chiara running around like a wild woman in the Humboldt Park play fountain

On Friday, I took Chiara to Humboldt Park, where she ran around the play fountain like a crazy woman. As we were about to hop on my bike for the return ride home, I noticed my chain and side panel were broken.
Luckily a group of gentle, kind young men, disguised as full-blown thugs, came to the rescue. "Can we help you, Ma'am?" They fiddled with their hands and then one of them pulled out a large switchbladed knife and unscrewed my broken panel. 

Launching the good wishes lantern. It burst into flames and never took off, but it was quite a sight while it lasted!

On Friday night, a group of my most amazing, hip mama friends came over for a clothing swap. We gathered all of our hand-me-downs, placed them on a table, and everyone did their picking and choosing and chatting. I love replenishing my kids' clothing and seeing their old duds experience a second and third life on familiar faces. 

A pensive Daniel overlooking a south side harbor
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