Friday, March 11, 2011

Five for Friday - 5 Things on My Radar This Week

On Monday, I had a meeting (re: a new community blog set to roll out at - what a great group of writers! - I'll share more with you soon!) at Little Beans Cafe, located on the Elston Avenue corridor between Bucktown and Lincoln Park. A comfortable conference room was rented for us. If you are planning a meeting that needs to (should!) be family-friendly, Little Beans is the place for you. From the conference room, I could peep out at the kids playing in a fun space filled with slides, little houses, shops, a fire engine, balls galore, and more. There are also tables in the play area, where parents can catch up on some work with a coffee or chat with friends, potentially without distraction, while your kids play. There is a also a separate cafe area, where you can grab a hot drink, pastry, sandwich and more.

Have you been to Pupa, age 18 months, loves to color. They have some nice printable coloring pages for toddlers, First Pages for Young Colorers, and a whole bunch of pages for every holiday you can think of. There are also tens of craft ideas for all ages, with accompanying how-to videos.

We are trying to eat more veggie based dinners, so this week, I made a big batch of Mollie Katzen's mushroom lentil walnut burgers and a cauliflower gratin that even Fratellone loved.  On Monday, I celebrated La Festa della Donna - one of my favorite Italian holidays, partly because I love mimose, by gifting each of my girl students a yellow rose.

A reader alerted me to this website - - which features videos on encouraging and embracing healthy eating. Learn how a group of parents overhauled their children's school lunches, watch how one district provides made-from-scratch lunches for their schoolchildren, and see what happens when a group of 6th grade students burn a Hot Cheeto.

Yesterday, I nominated one of my fellow Wyndam Women on Their Way, Tracey Friley (who blogs at for the Self Magazine Women Doing Good campaign. Tracey runs life-changing adventure camps - OBG Adventure Camps - and takes girls out of their element and into the world at large as part of a multicultural camping experience that emphasizes cultural appreciation and cultural engagement. Not moments after I hit the send button on my nomination form for Tracey, did my inbox glow with good news! I've won a Fund for Teachers grant, that will eventually take me to Italy (some time this upcoming summer) to complete study in an area that's always interested me - archeology. I've had a lifelong interest in the Etruscans - and they will be my area of focus. I'm so thrilled and thankful!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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  1. Thanks, Amy (!) for posting a note about OBG Adventure Camps and for thinking enough of my program to nominate me for an award. Such a lovely thing to do. =)
    And congratulations on your Fund for Teachers grant! I love how your kind gesture was paid back so quickly. Karma at work.
    Thanks again...and I love your blog!