Thursday, June 16, 2016

Kayaks, Canoes, Cruises, Surreys & Water Taxis: 5 Unique Ways to Experience the Chicago River

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The Chicago River flows across the city, crossing the downtown Loop. Famous for having its flow reveresed in the late 1800's, our 156 mile long river links the Great Lakes and the Mississippi. While you can always stroll along the beautiful Riverwalk, why not hop into a kayak, paddle a canoe, take a cruise, pedal a bicycle or even zip around in a water taxi? Here are five unique ways to experience the Chicago River.

Spinster: Making a Life of One's Own by Kate Bolick

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Here's a book that both `examines what was once a dirty word and elevates it to a lifestyle choice that's filled with small and big pleasures and above all, zero regrets. 

Wednesday, June 8, 2016

#SummerCravings with Stonyfield and prAna

What do you crave this summer? A beautiful, sustainably-made dress that can be worn on all occasions? An organic whole milk Greek yogurt that can be dressed up with jam for a sweet treat, or used for dips and recipes when you want something a little more savory?

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

5 NEW Things to See & Do on Navy Pier This Summer

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Chicago's Navy Pier celebrates its 100th birthday this summer, and new attractions and activities make it more fun than ever! Summer just isn't summer without a few trips to Chicago's top tourist attraction. Here are five new things to see and do this summer on Navy Pier — from the debut of the Centennial Wheel to icy cool treats like Original Rainbow Cone.

Summer Read Suggestion: This Too Shall Pass by Milena Busquets

I have always dedicated lazy summer afternoons to reading. This summer, I am committing to reading at least three chapters a day. I hope to catch up on the reading I've set aside for sweeping the porch, emptying the dishwasher and garden weed-pulling. I'm going to make reading a delightful summer "chore".

Thursday, May 26, 2016

Nellie’s Certified Humane Free Range Eggs

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Eggs are an important part of my family's diet. And when it comes to eggs, I am careful to select only certified human free range eggs.

Why certified humane FREE RANGE?

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Book Review: Legend by Eric Blehm

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I have a teenage son in my home who absolutely loves to read (Thank God!), so I'm always on the lookout for good book recommendations. Here's a great, inspirational read that I'll be passing along to him this summer. 

Legend by Eric Blehm is the unforgettable account and courageous actions of the U.S. Army’s 240th Assault Helicopter Company and Green Beret staff sergeant Roy Benavidez, who risked everything to rescue a Special Forces team trapped behind enemy lines.